Better first impressions

These services include ride on mower lawn care, gardens, hedge and tree trimming, water-blasting, building fences and retaining walls, and graffiti removal.

We take pride in improving customers first impression of your business.

Run by a graphic designer, our vision is to have your business look the best for every aspect of your customers interaction with your brand, starting with your curb appeal.If your gardens, lawns and signage look un-kept, it reflects badly on your business quality and gives your competitors the advantage.


Metrocare Services takes pride in its mowing and edging service, offering crisp neat finishes to customers.

We often get comments on how great our lawns look. The beauty of upright edges sets of the clean lines of the mulch mowing and blowing techniques developed over the last 10 years.

Garden Care

Well kept grounds and gardens, tell customers they are dealing with quality businesses and products that care.

Metrocare can offer regular maintenance weeding and seasonal clean-ups. We can provide upgrades including renewing bark, installing stones or white chip and new plantings.


Metrocare Services has over 10 years experience in all aspects of signage and signwriting.

We specialise in front of house signage, reception signs and way finding systems to help your customers locate, navigate and feel cared for in their arrival and interaction with your business.

Hedge and TreeTrimming

Nice straight hedges with proportionate size trees will set off your commercial property.

As well as looking great, well trimmed, neat hedges and trees also protect your staff and customers vehicles for being damaged or scratched. These also make your car parks feel larger and more inviting.

Curb Appeal

Increase curb appeal by removing the weeds from your business front entrance.

Never be distracted from your thoughts and plans of the day by arriving to an un-kept or messy site. We can provide mechanic and spray options to keep the curb and channel throughout your business clean and clear from weeds.

Tree Removal

Metrocare Services also offers site clearing work including:

> Small and medium tree removal
>Onsite tree mulching
> Stump grinding
> Rubbish removal

Site Care

Other work we can help keep your place looking its best includes:

> Autumn leaf removal
> Fence repairs and upgrades
> Graffiti removal
> General handy man jobs


Building and footpath cleaning work including:

> Building Entrances
> Sign cleaning
> Driveways
> Footpaths
> Drain Unblocking

Our Mission

Metrocare Services is part of the Imajeo Group Ltd.
Our goal is to provide our customers growth through building better business images.

With over 20 years in brand development and design, we noticed that while businesses would spend money on great locations and signage, they would often fail to see their property maintenance as part of their brand strategy, and neglect it.Imajeo Group Ltd sees all aspects of a business as brand building and develops strategic solutions to meet your goals from the curb to clothing, logos to lawns and garden care to graphic design.

How can we help you?

If you would like to discuss your goals and improve your business image call Richard on 0274 49 79 20 or email

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