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Metrocare Services provides quality, proven, scheduled commercial non Chemical Weed Control Solutions including: hot water or hot foam non chemical weed control solutions.

We also provide complimentary services including graffiti and chewing gum removal, commercial lawn care, gardening, hedge cutting, and site care.

We take pride in offering you proven, practical solutions, including non chemical weed control treatments, that our staff have helped develop, test and implement in New Zealand and throughout the world.

Our non chemical quest spans over 30 years, testing other non chemical solutions including flame and steam, but arriving at scheduled hot water and, even better, hot foam, being the most commercially viable alternative to weed spraying developed to date.

Over almost 20 years our staff have refined and successfully proven this technology actually works in the real world, including many years of success on Auckland's North Shore and Sydney, Australia.

Non Chemical Weed Control:
Hot Water

Metrocare Services uses the latest developments in Hot Water Weed Control Systems to reduce water losses, improved heat consistency and increase productivity.

We are continuing to develop and improve systems and options for clients that head even further towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable outcomes.

Non Chemical Weed Control:
Hot Foam

To hold hot water on each plant longer a safe foaming agent can be added to the process to create "the cappuccino effect" which helps speed up the application time, improves its efficiency and increases it long term effectiveness.

Both processes require regular programmed applications with skilled operators to complete successfully.

Grounds Care

We want to create and maintain pride in your commercial and rural properties.

It is our goal that you remain inspired when arriving at work or home, never being distracted from your thoughts and plans of the day by arriving to an un-kept or messy site.

We like to scheduled mowing, weeding, hedge and tree trimming, weed mat and bark maintenance, your garden can reflect the excellence you present in the rest of your world.

Site Care

Other work we can help keep your place looking its best includes:

> Autumn leaf removal
> Footpath cleaning and repairs
> Fence repairs and upgrades
> Building, safety and site signage
> Graffiti removal
> General handy man jobs

Lawn Care

To achieve the best looking lawns, we work with you to create a maintenance plan, scheduling visits to meet your vision and requirements alongside the growth seasons.

Keeping your grass looking healthy, while well trimmed and cared for, is our ongoing commitment.

We currently have contracts in place across Auckland including: Auckland Central, West Auckland, North Shore and Rodney Areas.

Site Clearing

Metrocare Services also offers site clearing work including:

> Small tree removal
>Onsite tree mulching
> Digging out existing plantings
> Rubbish removal
> Stump grinding
> Topsoil importation
> Grass seed planting

Our Mission

Metrocare has a clear mission to promote reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and sourcing, or creating, realistic non chemical solutions, while also providing practical every day services.

The road less travelled in the sustainable services industry is not an easy one and it has been one of both success and failure. However the drive to create better solutions has been strong, and development of a range of products has continued.

Developing faster, cheaper, quieter, more efficient, environmentally better solutions has continued to drive development forward through many iterations, rethinks, and re-designs over the last 30 years of being involved in this space.

How can we help you?

If you would like to partner with us on our continued journey and work towards achieving your sustainable goals please call Richard on 0274 49 79 20 or email

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